Sell Your House With Tenants Inside

Hi everybody, this is Courtney Buck and just wanted to talk you for a few minutes about what to do if you needed to sell your house fast in Atlanta if you need to sell your house with tenants inside. So you’re not necessarily living in a house, but you’re renting it out so you’re … Continued

My Land Is Worth More Than My House in Atlanta, Georgia

Hi everybody, this is Courtney Buck of Courtney Buck Investments. I buy homes to either renovate or flip in the Atlanta area, Alpharetta/Roswell area, and in Forsyth/Cherokee County. I was just meeting with a seller today who had an interesting predicament about their house. They have a house in the Atlanta suburbs that was built … Continued

What To Do To Your House To Sell It Fast In Atlanta

Hi, everybody. This is Courtney Buck and I just had a great day walking around different properties in Alpharetta, Georgia and into Roswell. I just wanted to talk to you guys about … Oh, yeah, if you’re wondering where you’re at, we’re at my house. This is where me and my family live. I’m home … Continued

What To Do About Deadbeat Family Tenants In Atlanta

Hi everybody, my name is Courtney Buck. Welcome to my house, this is the house that I live in with my family, my wife and three kids here in Alpharetta, Georgia. I was just meeting with a family today about what to do about deadbeat family tenants. They have a rental home and they’ve had … Continued

Cindy’s Testimonial: Sell My House Fast Powder Springs, Georgia

See how Courtney Buck Investments, LLC was able to help Cindy sell her house fast in Powder Springs, Georgia in a very difficult time. Call Courtney now at 770-599-7300 for a free consultation and offer. No obligation. We are a veteran-owned, husband and wife owned and operated company. Our process is fast, efficient, and pain-free. … Continued

What is a short sale and how does it benefit you in Atlanta GA?

What is a short sale and how does it benefit you here in Atlanta? If you’re thinking that question about yourself… great question! In this article we’ll dive into that question so you as a Atlanta GA home owner can tell what your options are during foreclosure or just if your home mortgage is underwater. … Continued